Rock Hounding

Rock Hounding

Alabama Adventure? Look here for anything about Alabama you ever wanted to know! I have links to a bunch of new sites!

All you rockhounders will love the Black tourmaline in quartz we have dug. It also know as tourmalated quart! We also found some rose quart and we will be posting them soon!

Hello my name is Johnny C and have put together a great list of rock hunting tips. Wether you are wanting to be a Pro rock hunter or just a weekend warrier there are a few thing that will help you stay safe and protected as you hunt for that dream Geode!

I have been hiking and out of the woods with my dad since I was 12 and now I am 32. I have hiked some of toughest areas in the alplachian and now we  play in streams and look for beaituful rocks and crystal formations. I have traveled around the US and been in some of the most beautiful regions and didn’t even know that  there was great rocks  and treasures all around.

All across the United the  terrane  and rock formations differ and therefore you will find different minerals  in the rock  formation. Some areas you may find Geodes  with different colors and agates with just every color you can think of.

We have been looking around different areas in the state and have many different colors from  different areas. For example we found  a lot re colored bands in rocks found from the Stephenson Alabama area. Another place we found some great crystals is the Mostqeto pit in the Piedmont Alabama area. If you haven’t been, it is an old Mine that has filled up with and water and the water level is down pretty good. The newly exposed rocks are pretty easy to get to except for the mud!  I was walking my the edge of the water and hit soft mud and sunk my shoe, so watch out!

We found a lot of very pretty micro crystals all over the rock formations. We noticed that most of  chunks were heavy maybe composed of a lot of Iron.  We spent a few hours collecting and ended up with more than we could out. It wasn’t to bad of  a walk, maybe 50 yards from the road. We had buckets and  made about 5 trips. It was a lot walking but we figured it would be easier to carry a few rocks at a time and not too much weight per trip.   I would recommened using some hand trucks and wearing some mudboots.

We often are found hopping around the creeks and look for  agate and geodes. Here are some tips that would help you out in the creek!

#1 Go buy you some MudBoots. Rocks can get tough on you feet! It is easy to turn your ankle in the creek.

#2  Always keep your eyes open and focus, there are snakes that love the creek! Here in Alabama we got water moccusons.

#3 Watch for slippery rocks. It is easy to slip down, and landing on rocks can hurt!

#4 Never go too   far down a creek or in the woods by yourself. Always try to let someone know where your going and carry a cellphone.

#5 Buy you Some hand trucks cause rock really area very heavy! Your back will thanks you later for this one.

#6 Always carry Energy Food and water with you. It is very easy to get dehydrated doing so much work.

#7 Always use your knees to lift the rock. Never try to carry one that is too heavy! Unless you found the world record Geo, or a lot of Gold! I would use a  tow truck in that case!

#8 Look around very good and flip rocks over, you  never know what you may find! Some of the best thingsare hidden,  like Gold!

#9 Look for anything in the creek, you will find  all kinds of crysalized stuff  including petrified wood in some regions.

#10 Always ask for permission before entering someones land. I  always try and stay on public rideaways and never trespass. People do own guns! There are a lot of great areas to look for rocks, including a few mine locations listed below!

Now you have some great tips to help you get started on your rockhounding adventure! You may be sitting on a GoldMine and now even know! Could you Imagine how many people live  right below a creek full of Gold! Did you know that you can find Gold in Alabama creeks and inside the mountains!

Thanks to all you rock hounding folk and be careful on your next dig!

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