Where to find Alabama Geodes, Rocks, and Agate!

Looking to find rocks and geodes in the Alabama area? Alabama has many caves and where there are caves there are some awesome Geodes and rocks! North Alabama has many mountains with lakes with great waterfalls and caves. There are currently 4257 caves in the Alabama with 27 caves discovered last year according to ACS (Alabama Cave Survey.) If you are near Huntsville there are many caves with streams in the paint rock valley area all the way into Tennessee! These are some deep pocket hills and some of the prettiest land found in Alabama. I got the chance to visit the paint rock valley last fall and found a great creek with nice Agate. It was the perfect creek to find rock and there was evidence of someone looking for agate before us. We found many rocks that had been cut in half in the creeks.

Last week I stopped by and the waters were to high and muddy to even see in the creek. So it looks like it will be awhile before the waters tame down and I get another chance to find new rocks washed out of the deep caves.

The area that I enjoy looking is about as country as you get and there are old store buildings along the path that brings you back to old days.  None of the old stores are still open and only one modern gas station in the area.

It is rumored that there is lost treasure in the area on the side of the mountain! The lost treasure of Keel Mountain! It is believed that a large amount of Gold was lost within the rolling hills near Gurley, Alabama. It was a large amount of gold being moved by the feds and it was an ambush!  Just type in your browser “Lost Keel Mountain Gold” and you will find a few great articles about it! Within the great hills holds many of the leftover artifacts preserved in the rock. Many years ago the ocean once came up to the  mountains and rock would be washed back and fourth much like the rock is wash on the beaches today. If you know the right level and know where to look you can some awesome “Fire Agate.” Let me tell it is some of the prettiest stuff in the world. People say you can find it all the way into the Tn. My last trip I had no luck and had marked a map but did not carry GPS with me. I found the gps directions on-line and with a gps device may have had some luck.

Hunting rock is like hunting gold, it can be hard to find! Another area that seems to be popular  is around Athens, Alabama! There have quiet a few people find some nice geodes just west of town. If you are in the area look for a fresh plowed field and start picking up the rocks and shaking them. A geode will be a lot lighter and may even rattle. Be sure to ask for permission from the land owner. You can also find them in creeks in the area and can find a few that has easy access. Some private land owners may let you look, just ask!

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  1. cheryl February 3, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

    My husband has started a hobby of making jewelry as he is retirement age now-and we have always enjoyed the outdoors being rockhounds at heart. Since we are in the east-central section of Ohio we usually went east or as far as North Carolina in our travels. We were thinking about going south and your description of Alabama sounds interesting- but far. Do you have any collecting places you feel free to email me? I hate to plan such an expensive trip without knowing there are places for sure we can look around for agate. Thank-you!!!

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